From the recording Live! at Pacific Studios

Music & Lyrics: Jordani Sarreal

Vocals, Rhodes: Jordani Sarreal
Electric Guitar: Max Watters
Bass Guitar: Noe Rodriguez
Drums: Benji Demps


Laid my cards on your table
So you could read them any time you choose.
You put on that armor like a knight,
Said you're gonna walk in the light,
Silly me for thinking I'd be noble too.

You don't think much of me lately
And you don't hear much from me
But I cried red gold for you, Baby
Wrote those songs for you, Baby
You may be gone, but they won't be

Red, red gold
Red, red gold
Red, red gold
Red, red gold

Oh, I would fight for you if you let me
Oh, if you'd take me
'Cause nobody, no, nobody's fighting for me
And I know that there's no winning
I know that there's no ending
I know that I have nothing for you,
No claim to have you,
No, nothing but melodies of red gold

Red, red gold, mmm
Red, red gold
Red, red gold

I'd choose the light if you would only choose me,
I'd light the fire if you'd only choose me
I walk at night to fight the dark and lonelies,
But I'd choose the sun, if you'd only choose me.

I couldn't sway your mind to stay and keep me.
I couldn't make a fight when I'm worth leaving.
I couldn't say goodbye with no beginning,
But it still was worth all the songs I'm singing.