1. Paper Doll

From the recording Jordani (EP)


I dream in color, color
You dream in black and white
You say we’re getting better
I say we’re going nowhere
Especially not tonight

I made this bracelet
From a string and a broken glass
And you got your education
Learning in that college class

Cut and paste
And watch me grow
I can fold like paper dolls

Put me in your pocket
And you’ll be lucky
Or let me spin the roulette wheel
And you’ll be lucky

I’ll keep your pages open for you
And try on all your clothes so you can match
And I’ll just laugh at you

Hang me on your arm
And you’ll be lucky
Or hang me like a medal
And watch them envy you

I’ll sit upon the nightstand for you
And wake you up with coffee
Made for you
And I’ll just smile for you

Cut and paste
And watch me grow
I’m your very own paper doll